When MÍN BERLIN’s founder, TAO Haiyue , studied at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, she shared her strong passion about arts and her viewpoints about product design on social media. As more people paid attention to her sharing, she established MÍN BERLIN, which aims to bring avant-garde designs across Europe and America into China.



The designer products MÍN collected from Europe and America are innovative, modern, and experimental. By being a product’s agent, MÍN does not only introduce these great designs, but will also inspire a more creative and bold designing trend in China in a foreseeable future.



MÍN BERLIN is the Chinese exclusive agent of MOUSTACHE from Paris, SIEBENSACHEN and FUNDAMENTAL BERLIN from Berlin. MÍN offers a comprehensive service for retailers, interior designers, architects, and developers by providing them with an unique collection of furniture, lighting and decorative products.