Atelier Haussmann

Atelier Haussmann is a German mark made in Berlin, operated by two brothers Rainer Haußmann and Andreas Haußmann. Rainer Haußmann takes care of custom-made products for architects and clients. He is also the one responsible for product development and building the prototypes in the workshop, a factory building dating back to around 1900. Andreas Haußmann takes care of the collection’s concerns in terms of furniture and accessories.

In addition to the Haußmann designs, the brothers couple also realized projects of other designers. These include Zascho Petkow, Christian Wedekind and Julia Thesenfitz, Andree Weißert, Birgit Severin, Lukas Semmler and Federic Sonnenberg.

Andreas Haußmann formulates the motto of the studio as follows: “We try as far as possible to do nothing if we work on our projects or products. The product has to do it. The product must want to be bed or eyelet, hook or table. We then accompany it further out into the world, take care of it with paint, or a screw. Pack it with love and wishes a good trip. “

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