Lookbook photo – HUB Table副本


Tylko 这家2014年成立于波兰华沙的设计公司,也是一家新兴的科技公司。 Tylko 在波兰语中是“唯一”的意思,寓意定制产品的唯一性。用户可以根据需求在手机应用中定制家具的尺寸、颜色,并在现实环境里观察模拟家具摆放位置。这一定制程序贯穿了整个家具制造过程(设计、模拟预览、生产)。

自从2014年初设计师yves béhar在旧金山遇到了tylko团队之后,双方就一直保持着密切的合作。béhar 很快就成为了这个来自于波兰的家具公司的设计顾问,并为其设计了“hub table”。

Tylko is a design and high tech company founded in Poland. Tylko means “the only one” in Polish, it implied the uniqueness of its customized products. Users can customize according to their needs in the online app, including the size, color and conduct real environment simulation which helps positioning furniture in the room. This customization process goes through the whole producing process (design, simulation, and production).

Since 2014 designer Yves Béhar meet Tylko team in San Francisco, they have kept close cooperation. Béhar soon becomes the designer counselor for this Polish company, designed the “hub table” for them.

Illustration by: MÍN



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