Distanz is a publishing company based in Berlin under the management of christaian boros and UTA grosenick. Distanz publishing releases books and exhibition catalogues on the visual arts as well as photography, architecture, design and fashion of the 20th and 21st century. Distanz publishing produces artists monographs and anthologies in collaboration with prestigious editors and authors. Distanz publishing cooperates with leading national and international museums and institutions.

Distanz 是一家由Cheistaian boros与 UTA grosenick管理的,位于柏林的出版公司。Distanz 主要出版20世纪与21世纪的视觉艺术与摄影,建筑,设计,时尚相关的书,目录以及展览导览。他们出版著名编辑与作者的艺术家专著与选集。他们与许多国内外的博物馆与机构均有合作关系。

Illustration by: MÍN