Run by stéphane arriubergé and massimiliano iorio, Domestic introduces collections of objects designed by designers, graphic artists and artists gathered around innovating and new concepts and themes. All these objects have the particularity of offering an area where the end user can intervene and be free in the creation process.

Already in 2003, Domestic launched its first Wall Drawings collection and with it, invented what is now called «wall stickers», a new standard in the world of design and interior decoration. More recently, Domestic launched the Narcisse collection which removes the mirror from its setting and its customary codes.

Domestic 由stéphane arriubergé和massimiliano iorio共同经营,给大家介绍由不同设计师,平面设计师与艺术家聚集并发展出的新概念与主题延伸出的的作品。 这些作品都具有独特性,并保证了使用者在使用过程中的互动与对这些创意的自由解读。

从2003年开始,Domestic 发布了他的第一个墙绘设计,延伸出了今天的“墙贴”作品, 给世界设计与室内装修带来了新的标准。最近,Domestic又发布了Narcisse作品集,进行了将镜子从传统习惯中移除的尝试。

Illustration by: MÍN



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