TRE is a new brand, established by internationally acclaimed designer Tomek Rygalik.A good life depends on rejection of the unnecessary. They believe that simple things are superior. They admire the ingenuity behind the obvious. TRE is a constantly searching for perfect solutions ensuring their masterful execution. This is how they deliver products which are close to their hearts. They become an expression of consciousness and will be with us for generations.

TRE是一个新兴的品牌,由国际设计师Tomek Rygalik创办。TRE 认为,好的生活来源于对多余事物的拒绝。他们相信,简单更为卓越。他们所欣赏的是简单背后的精巧。TRE一直在寻求保证他们出色表现的完美解决方案。这就是他们如何生产出追随本心的产品的方法。这种意识的表达,并使这些产品长伴我们左右。

Illustration by: MÍN



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