The artist duo Nicole Driessens and Ivo van den Baar have been working together since 1999. Their artistry has evolved around the question of how the reality of their immediate environment can be turned into art. The central value of their work is research into how this is possible. Which images from their reality can be transformed into art and what then is the meaning of the resulting work and the meaning of artistry itself? Is it about engagement, an indictment or a purely visual statement? The readymades of bulky waste, dead-ridden pigeons or withered bouquets found on the street are the traces of human existence.

艺术家Nicole Driessens与Ivo van den Baar从1999年就开始合作。他们的艺术性围绕着一个问题展开:如何将现实的环境改变成为艺术?他们作品的中心价值都围绕着如何解决这个问题展开。什么样的场景可以被转化为艺术呢?被转化为艺术的作品的意义是什么呢?艺术是什么呢?这是一种承诺,一种控诉,还是一种单纯的视觉称述?那些已经存在的大件垃圾,惨死的鸽子,被丢弃在路边枯萎的花束,这一切在他们眼中都是人类存在的痕迹。

Illustration by: MÍN



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